1st or 2ndgrade 800X600 Zipporah

 Mrs. Davis, she was my sixth grade teacher and she was my favorite. She didn’t take any mess and she would always address any concerns I had, and she helped me learn about a lot of different things, even though she primarily taught English. She was very caring and helped me excel in English among other things. Coolidge was impactful, interesting, and lasting.As far as people, I learned a lot of people skills. That experience helped me transition into middle school quite well. I learned how to play the violin there, it had numerous impacts on me so it's hard to pick just one, but I guess I would say it helped make me a well-rounded person. The environment was very open. I felt any time that I was afraid or when I felt I couldn’t express myself, I felt very welcome. Despite my mom being a teacher, I never felt special. I had a lot of fun there, I learned a lot. It was another home; my mother and I would go and assist other teachers in cleaning up their rooms. It was very open and very welcoming. I had the joy of having my mom as teacher in second grade when my teacher was out for maternity leave and multiple other times as a sub. I enjoyed the faculty and the teachers there. They made me feel welcome and they made it feel worthwhile. Especially Mr. Bracy, because without him I wouldn’t have been able to attend because technically it wasn’t my school district. My fondest memories of Coolidge are the ceremonies that they would give us. Between girl scouts and the sixth-grade graduation ceremonies. Even now I really appreciate it because I know how hard everyone worked to make it happen., and especially because I think my class was one of the last to experience that. I was devastated when it closed. It was a disbelief. I went through all the stages. It actually kind of started when Mr. Bracy left but I was very devastated.I feel very optimistic about Coolidge Park Apartments, I like to see that it's not being torn down. I like to see buildings renovated rather than abandoned or torn down. I am very optimistic about it.