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I taught in Flint for 31 years. After I retired, I taught watercolor classes,on and off for 18 years. I love gardening. I like exercising and walking my dog. I like trying new recipes,cooking new things, and I like traveling.Coolidge was fun, I always felt pushed to do better, expected to do better, high expectations. Friendly. The parents and teachers were great there. Just a great experience I would describe the environement as exciting and friendly. My fondest memories of Coolidge include When we would create themes for study, like we studied the rainforest at one point. And the whole first floor looked like a rainforest. People would come in just to see how beautiful it was. I did it, but I had parents come in and help and they would even bring in treats that went along with the theme. I most enjoyed working with Mr. Bracy, the teachers and the kids.I loved the teachers and the parents, and Mr. Bracy he was just a great principal[When Coolidge closed] I was sad, yet relieved that it would become something that the community could become involved with. I had mixed feelings. At the time there were rumors that the building would be bought by the hospital (McLaren) or another school would use it. We were just glad it wasn’t going to be torn down.I love it [Coolidge Park Apartments]! I think that’s a great thing to keep that community alive.