Coolidge was full of fun and it felt like a big family. Mrs. Andersen, she was a math teacher and she always had butterscotch for the very first to answer a question correctly. I think that’s why I'm a math teacher. Barbara Rausch, the art teacher. She was the shortest woman you would've ever met. She had thick, jet black hair almost down to her knees. She was awesome and she was very passionate in her class. She was phenomenal. She was so passionate and that’s what I loved about her. There was never a dull moment with her. Coolidge was my life. I am what I am today, a middle school math teacher and an accountant. That’s where it all started in grade school. I don’t have memories like that for any of the other schools I went to. My fondest memory of Coolidge was getting to play in the concerts, I played the flute. We got to play a lot. I was on the badminton team, and the kickball team and in sixth grade, I was on the basketball team. One night a week, they opened the gym for teenagers to play Ping-Pong or roller skate in the gymnasium. Every once in awhile, they’d have a roller-skating party. There was an annual dance for the fifth and sixth graders. It was my whole life I have so many fond memories of Coolidge, it's unbelievable. When I was in sixth grade, I got to work in the office. That's where I got my secretarial experience. I remember that I felt like I was such a big kid because I could do all this. There were only 3 girls that got to do it. I didn’t know about the closure right away, but I was really sadand even more sad that no one could find the capsule. I'm glad to see the building being used and not torn down. There so many memories in that building. It was only a matter of time.