Colidge was fun, friendly, and a fantastic educational experience.A typical day began with arriving  through the van buren side door. Go to class. Grades 4-6 were on the upper level. We would say the pledge of allegiance, and settle down to do morning studies. I went home to eat lunch, people who lived further away ate lunch in the gym. I enjoyed the teachers, I can recall all but one of my teachers. In my art and music classes, we put on productions. I had the honor of playing Meg in Little women, had so much fun doing that. My favorite was Ms. Kangas, second grade teacher. Just an overall very nice lady. In her class we took turns and shared bible verses after the pledge of allegiance. A classmate was Jewish, and he would share about what it was like to be Jewish. She would invite students over for lunch on Saturday afternoons. Fantastic. Another was Mr. Darndos, gym teacher. We square danced once a week.The principal, Ms. Robinson – she loved jewelry. Students would dress like her, by covering themselves in jewelry to be like her, everything expect earrings. Very nice lady, and friendly with students. She lit up a room.I didn’t like it at all when Coolidge closed. I Love It [Coolidge Park Apartments]! If my family was still living there, we would move in! It's fantastic!