Sandra Bradley

I love Coolidge, Coolidge was my school. It was wonderful, fantastic, and  fabulous We were a family there. Environment was good, when I began, I was working with 3 grades at one time. I enjoyed working with fellow staff members. It was just a good experience. All the different teachers I worked with were awesome.It was nice, working with children. All my days were pretty good, I don’t have many complaints. A typical day was real good working with all the teachers and children. I enjoyed working with the staff. I also enjoyed seeing kids excel. We had a wonderful staff at Coolidge.The staff got along very well. We were a school that had good teachers, and a great principal Mr. Bracy, the best principal was the best principal ever. He had a very open-door policy and you could talk to him about anything. He was a great principal and great friend. He worked with the kids and he wanted to see the kids excel You could just tell that he loved those kids. He had the biggest impact on that school, and everyone loved him. He is missed.It [when Coolidge shut down] was sad, because we had worked there for so long. I just couldn’t believe it, but I understood. I couldn't believe it, that was home we were a family. I would drive past it after it shut down and I would just remember all the good times I just hated that it closed.I think it's [Coolidge Park Apartments] nice I'm glad that it is, and that building isn't just standing there empty. I'm just glad that they're utilizing that building. Hopefully it'll help revitalize that neighborhood.