Coolidge was a community, alive, and absolutely student centered.As a new teacher coming in, there was an amazing staff that built an amazing community for students and the families. They rocked in academics. Mr. Bracey was an incredible principal and he loved his kids.It was a great place to start my teaching career because the staff was so welcoming. It was a really great foundation for me.  At Coolidge, I made lifelong friendships with staff members and I met my husband. One of my fondest memories of Coolidge was talking to Mr. Brown in the teachers' lounge.For me, it's more of a nostalgic place because that’s where I met my husband met. It was sad to see that such a cool building shut down and it was rough to see it disband the community.I think it's great [Coolidge Park Apartments]! I mean I would much rather it be used and keeping the history alive rather than it being abandoned and being an eyesore.