My favorite teacher was Mrs.Hall, in the first grade. She was just really cared for the kids beyond schooling. Very kind and personable.I remember Coolidge being supportive, of good quality,and clean. The playground was there for 100 years. I take my grandkids to play on the playground.It was everything an all-American school would be. Safe, caring, very positive. I always felt that it was centerpiece to the community. It was place that you saw for thought about you would get a warm feeling. It just seemed like the heart of the community.There was a real strong impact made, it me value education. It made me think of the community, certain things Coolidge did was a hub of building connections. I also married a student there  (Janet Knopf). My fondest memory of Coolidge was taking naps in kindergarten. When Coolidge closed I was  very sad, the community school concept was slowly going away and it made me depressed. I'm glad the school isn't being torn down. It's just bad that it won't be the centerpiece to the community like it once was.