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 I love reading and writing – found my love for the arts with Ms. Johnson and Ms. Davis who were both english teachers. Coolidge was influential, unforgettable, educational.I never encountered a teacher that I didn’t like there, and the principal, definitely the principal, Mr. Bracy at the time. One time I got in trouble and Mr.Bracy let me off the hook and told me "I know you're better than that." For the most part, all of the students got along. I guess the environment was friendly, clean, and it was quite fun. I enjoyed the book fairs, the field day Fridays, and the Halloween parties. My fondest memory of Coolidge is the Cedar Point trip and the Sixth grade graduation. [When Coolidge closed] I was disappointed, because I would've thought that my children would be able to go there. Or even my nieces and nephews to go there. I always thought that was the best school.I think it's [Coolidge Park Apartments] cute, I like it. My parents live in that area, so I drive by there all the time and it looks good. I like that it's not sitting there boarded up or something. I would've liked it to be used as an educational space, even if it reopened as an elementary school.