Marni Grimm Coolidge Stories3

I remember waiting for school to start under the big pine tree that used to stand in front of the school.I lived right across the street at 713 Westcomb.  My dad planted the tree in the front yard as a sapling when I was 4 or 5.  I remember getting the chicken pox and missing field day and standing on the front porch watching Mrs. Coon's 1st grade class playing red rover.I remember the crossing guard who had a daughter named Star and being terrified of stepping on the old man's grass on the corner.I wrote sentences for "screaming in the bathroom" (while I did not in fact, scream in the bathroom) during Mrs. Coon's first grade Christmas party.Dentists came in and taught us how to brush and floss in the library and we watched a video with dancing toothpastes.Mrs. Parks taught us primary and secondary colors and we played at the water table.  I brought ants on a log as my class snack.  She was the best.In first grade it was the 1992 election and we were on TV for a mock election our class did.  I manned the election booth.After school my dad would take me to the park, but I wasn't allowed to play in the cement tubes because people peed in there.  If I remember people also peed under the pine tree out front.One time I found a fake nail on my lunch table and I thought it was a real fingernail and it haunts me to this day.I remember roller skating in the gym after school and taking tumbling lessons in the library.Also parachute day in gym class and duck duck goose.My mom was a witch in the Halloween haunted house they used to put on.I bought my mom a heart shaped box with a picture of a kitten on it that she still has from the Santa's Workshop they held there.