Capture 2

My favorite teachers were Mr. Jaraeu, community school director, hired me part time as a student to work after school programs. I remember scraping paint in the store room in the basement. Peggy Andersen was my 4th grade teacher and I remember my class took a collection for her daughter. Coolidge was fun and it gave me lifelong memories. It was fantastic, great teachers and students, great education.I remember walking to school in the snow, all seasons. Having crossing guards. Being able to go home for lunch. Stayed in one class for most of the time, with the exception of going to the library, and I remember the new gym being built. I did boyscouts, troop 72. We would meet in the gym every Tuesday. Seven years was a long time to spend at one school, when the time came I was ready to go  but I was sad when it closed. Coolidge Park Apartments is fantastic.