Working at Coolidge was interesting because it was an older building, it was rewarding working with new staff and new kids, and it was sad when it closed.I loved the woodwork in the building, I hope you keep that. As a new person coming into an established place, there was tremendous amount of pride from everyone there. Everyone was proud to be a staff member or a student at Coolidge. Everyone was happy to be there. I think enjoyed the staff most. To come into a new building, they were very welcoming. I didn’t know Mary (Turney), and I’ll probably know her for the rest of my life. They made it easy. I did not enjoy how the building was not maintained very well. I remember having a gathering place for my students and it was on the carpet on the floor. When I was moving, I remember they told me they would have my stuff delivered and that never happened. I remember in the winter; you could feel the air coming in through the window and if you put a candle in front of that window it probably would’ve blown out. I refused to have students sit on the floor because it was so cold. I think I was sad [when Coolidge shut down] because having only been there for a year, I wasn't that attached, however watching everyone else come to a closure was sad. I was glad that I wouldn’t be cold anymore.Leaving that school was a disappointment personally because that was now another school that I was leaving. It was disappointing to see another Flint school close.The staff, some people retired and not everyone went to the same school. And the kids its always bittersweet to say bye to the kids because some of them you might see the next year and some you may never see again.  I’m glad it's not being torn down.