I'm a professional musician, a drum palyer.My favorite teacher was Ms. Turtle, she taught social studies. Mr. Bracy was super cool. At Coolidge, I experienced growth and I got to learn myself. It was cool. There were kids from everywhere so there was a nice mixture of different culture. Coolidge really helped me a lot with my music. The music teacher pushed me a lot, they made sure that I was playing the drums whenever I could.Coolidge showed me that I can make it. I was from the northside and I was considered to be going to a better school. It gave me a good environment and it exposed me to different cultures, and it was the “good side” of town and I felt like I could make it. A prominent memory I have from Coolidge is having a memorial for Glenn’s family. His brother was my best friend. I grew up with them, our families were super close. The closing was kind of sad. I can't show my kids that I went to school there.I guess it'll [Coolidege Park Apartments] be good for Flint. Rebuilding the community, its good because Flint today is a lot different from what it was when I was growing up so I guess rebuilding would be good.