The people were fantastic and teaching kids was very fulfilling.It was good, everybody cared about each other.I enjoyed working with the kids. They believed everything you said.I just have so many [good memories]. In some schools there was a racial issue, and that was not the case at Coolidge. It was just a wonderful bunch of people to work for and to work with. The only thing that I didn't enjoy was the particular programs that were enforced by the board. Sometimes it was too demanding for the kids, and the expectations were set too high. It became frustrating sometimes, but it was very fulfilling when you could see the kids take off. I taught at 4 other schools and most of those shut down. That [Coolidge] was one that I really cared about, and even though I wasn’t there I was devastated.Working at Coolidge just reassured me that I picked the right profession and that I loved working with the kids As long as it being used, that’s great! Maybe it’ll bring the neighborhood back up again. I went over there a while ago and it was just sad.