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My favorite teacher was Ms. Davis, she was strict but still cool. She was my English teacher. I loved it!It was fun, able to come up with all my friends.Very loving, more of a family than just teachers and students. If you needed anything, there was always someone to talk to. It was tight knit. We respected our teachers and the teachers treated us well.I didn’t like that my mom worked there but other than that. Being around everybody, I just learned how to be a better person. Being around Mr. Bracy and the teachers I learned to have respect and be kind to the next person. It was fun, I really enjoyed going there.I have a lot of memories there, especially in the gym. I played on the basketball team. My fondest memory of Coolidge was my sixth grade graduation. Me and my mom sang Lean On Me by Whitney Houston at the ceremony. I can’t really say anything. It was kind of numbing, because all the schools here are closing down. It was numbing, but you move on because it's happening everywhere. I’m just really glad I got to go there and enjoy it before it closed down. Thank god!I think its dope! I'm happy for it! I think that really cool, it's better than tearing it down or turning into a storage building.