We were a close knit family. There excellent leadership under Mr. Bracy and it was a good place to work. Mr. Bracy knew all of the children by name and he treated the staff with respect. He showed us respect because he expected a lot from us. At the time, I didn’t know nothing about special ed, and he said “Ms. Lusane, I trust you. I’ll trust that you’ll do a good job.”I enjoyed just being there, just learning. Learning from the different teachers. Especially, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Johnson.I didn’t enjoy when Mr. Bracy left. Even the children felt it, the students felt it. They were asking for him. We had good days and bad days. And even the bad days were going to be good because we knew that Mr. Bracy had our backs. [When Coolidge shut down] I was very, very sad. Very sad. I didn’t understand why, at the time. I didn’t understand but I was really sad about it. I'm happy for that [Coolidge Park Apartments]. At least I know that it's still around and they didn’t tear it down like they have other schools.