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I began volunteering in 6th grade.Volunteered in her mother's classroom. I was a paraprofessional and worked with students that had autism. I was a paraprofessional at Coolidge for a year - then it closed down. I amcurrently a special education teacher, working with autistic kids. I've been doing this for 7 years. Found my niche while I was working with my mom at Coolidgehad a big impact on my outcome. I felt very inspired by being at Coolidge it was a very uplifting environment. From volunteering to eventually working there it was a just a very uplifting environment form the kids to the staff it was a just a great school.I learned a lot from being around the teachers, and especially from Mr. Bracy. Definitely played a role in finding my passion and continuing to work with kids and kids with autism.  It made a lasting impression on my career path for sure.  My fondest memory of Coolidge working in my mom's classroom and being able to know her students. I enjoyed working with students and staff. Going to Coolidge it felt like a great sense of community with the staff and the kids and everyone liked to be there, and it was a very positive learning community for everybody there.I was very sad. It was very disappointing, it was a great school, the building was so neat, and it was a great community to be in. I'm happy that the building is being used now.I think it's great. I'm happy that it's not sitting there abandoned and it's great to hear that its being turned into something useful and beneficial for the community.