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I retired from the Flint Community Schools and worked in the following positions: Community Education Agent, Facilitator for Community Partnerships, and 21stCentury Coordinator. I ampresetnly a Co-Owner of the business entitled the Institute for Proactive Strategies Inc. and we contract with Kettering University and other institutions as consultants for youth and community development programs.

I loved it [Coolidge].Mr. Bracey was a mentor and taught me a lot about community education, working with staff and students.Mr. Bracey the principal set the environment. The environment was friendly, welcoming, and very professional and the focus wasfor  the betterment of students and the collaboration of community.Of course students and staff would arrive in the morning and as a CommunityEducation Agent for Neighborhood Safety and Neighborhood Development, I would greet staff, students and parents. I would pass out safety patrol belts for students assigned to those task. I would seek to collaborate with teachers, the principal and school staff in developing programs for students and the community. The environment was positive, friendly and energyic.The principal and staff and working with students, parents and the community.The large amount of students that attended there when I first started working there and the diversity of studentsMr. Bracey’s positive influence on staff and students. His focus, concern, and love for students. One my fondest memories is when I initiated a One Church/One School partnership with West Church Street Church, forming the Championship Club  and starting an Entrepreneurship Club for 5th/6th grade students.[When Coolidge shut down] I was sad because it was such a great school with a great principal (James Bracey) and a great staff of peopleas well as a great community. [Coolidge Park Apartments] Great…I am glad to see it come back as something positive and significant.  I am very excited about the other proposed community components you plan to roll out.  I think Glenn Wilson was a student when I worked there and that really touches my heart and soul. I am very proud of him and Essence and  what they have spearheaded and made happen. I am very proud of Communities First.