I loved it, great kids and a great staff .It was a nice environment. Mr. Bracy took care of everything before he retired. It was really nice, I enjoyed it there.The kids that I worked with there. It was never a dull moment, we had some great kids, and Mary (Turney) was a great teacher. It looks good and I think it’ll be really nice.Working with the kids and getting success out of them.To make the most of what they’re doing and seeing their progress makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Having a part in students' growth is really something. My fondest memory of Coolidge was having my kids sing. I taught them some songs, and they sang at a assembly at the end of the year. It was cool, it was really nice. I think it’s [Coolidge Patk Apartments] a good thing, especially because the other apartments in that area have closed down.