Dawn Hibbard

"I don't remember a whole lot; I can remember kindergarten and we were in a huge room and I remember it having a pocket door that you could open and connect another kindergarten classroom. I remember on a rainy day they would open door and we could play between the rooms. I remember my teacher had a house that we would play with and the other teacher had a slide." 

"When Coolidge closed It was sad, I thought it was sad mostly because, Cook Elementary and Zimmerman had closed. The only school that I attended that is still open is Southwestern. I remember visiting, for something, as an adult and it just seemed so much smaller, which makes sense because the last time I had been there I was 7. The reason it was sad for me was because it meant that the neighborhood could no longer support the school." 

"Oh my god! I think it’s [being repurposed into apartments] amazing! I love Glenn and Essence and what they’re doing. I love that they’re using the schools because they’re beautiful and they’ve stood the test of time. Despite the neglect and abuse that these buildings have suffered, and they’re still there.".