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 Barbara Ann Rausch was born June 7, 1941 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She earned a master's in art from Michigan State University. In the 1970’s she taught art classes in Flint, where she was employed at Coolidge Elementary. During this time, she enlisted the assistance of two students to create the famous murals that covered the school halls. Ms. Rausch continued her art career after Coolidge, moving to California and becoming a comic artist. Creating a name for herself as the protégé of Bill Woggon, creator of Katy Keene, Rausch contributed to characters such as Neil the Horse, Vicki Valentine, and Cutey Bunny. She also regularly contributed to Wimmen’s Commix, an all-female underground comic last published in 1992. More popularly, she illustrated several Barbie coloring books and California Girls for Eclipse Enterprises. Within her lifetime, Barb Rausch also worked with Marvel, Disney and contributed to characters and strips like The Desert Peach, and Omaha the Cat Dancer. Being a legend within the comic community, Barb Rausch passed away in 2001.

Barbara Rausch, the art teacher. She was the shortest woman you would've ever met. She had thick, jet black hair almost down to her knees. She was awesome and she was very passionate in her class. She was phenomenal. She was so passionate and that’s what I loved about her. There was never a dull moment with her.  -Sheri Schoech