Coolidge History

Coolidge Elementary opened its doors in September of 1929. The school was named after the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. A staple within the community, the school welcomed people from all walks of life to a safe space. Outside of traditional schooling, Coolidge offered activities such as sewing classes and community fairs. The building shut down in 2010 due to lack of enrollment, leaving behind the legacy of being a great school.

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The Coolidge Park project is going to bring a brand new energy to the neighborhood. Not only will the project satisfy a need for affordable housing for low- and middle- income families, it will be a whole community, complete with opportunities for job training, enrichment classes and recreation built right into it.

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Lock in your legacy!

Consider becoming a supporter of this historic transformation by sponsoring a space to honor your time at Coolidge, a friend or family member or to memorialize an anniversary, a graduation or a life.